The Different Types of House Doors

Published: 04th March 2011
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House doors are available in different materials, styles, sizes and colours. It is rare to find entire neighbourhoods with similar front doors even in housing development areas. The door is a representation of the house.

A unique looking door will set you apart from others and will help when giving directions to your house. If you are shopping for doors, here is a comprehensive guide designed to make the task easier.

Wooden Doors

These are the oldest and most common types of doors. Wooden doors are made from different wood species. Oak, mahogany, walnut, cherry and maple are just a few hardwood species used in making entry doors. You may also go for cheaper soft wood doors. These are made from timber gotten from cedar, pine or fir trees.

Some of the wooden doors can be quite expensive. They require regular maintenance to keep them in tip-top condition. Maintenance of these doors entails sanding and either painting or applying a coat of varnish to the door surface to make it glossy.

Unfortunately, wooden doors are susceptible to a number of defects. The most common been cracking and warping due to constant exposure to the elements. Excessive heat makes the wood warp and weakens its body which can lead to cracking. Intake of moisture by the wooden door can lead to rotting of the wood over time.

Polyvinyl chloride doors (uPVC Doors)

UPVC doors are manufactured from polyvinyl chloride plastic. They are the most popular type of doors due to their low cost and versatility. UPVC doors are made using panels that are fitted in glazed frames. Plastic is not attractive in appearance as wood or glass but it is quite stable by nature. It has good thermal properties although like any other material, it does have some limitations.

It is prone to warping and expanding when temperatures get too high. Plastic is also not that strong and can pose a security risk. With time, it also begins to discolour and fade off.

Composite doors

As the name suggests, these doors are made from a combination of materials which all contribute to its final properties. Typically, they are a combination of wooden or PVC door frame, core and outer skin. The skin is either UPVC or fibreglass material and the core is made from polystyrene or other thermal foam material.

Composite doors are priced lower than wooden doors but are more costly than plastic ones. They are quite durable and are not affected by environmental conditions like other doors.
You can choose any of these doors for your property depending on personal requirements and taste.

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